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Clinical Bike Fitting

The KOR Physical Therapy is proud to offer complete bike fittings and cyclist assessments as a service to our patients and athletes. As orthopedic physical therapists and certified bike fit professionals, we have the ability to assess the cyclist’s mechanics, fit the bike to the rider, and assess/make changes to the cyclist through manual interventions and skilled exercise prescription. Whether you are new to cycling and cannot stay comfortable on the bike for more than an hour, a recreational cyclist with occasional aches and pains, or a cat 3 rider wishing to optimize power and efficiency on the bike, we can help you meet your goals.

What does a clinical bike fitting include?

Comprehensive orthopedic evaluation of the cyclist by a licensed physical therapist.

This includes:

  • Assessment of muscle flexibility and joint mobility
  • Objective assessment of strength with hand-held dynamometers
  • Functional assessment of balance and neuromuscular control
  • Development of personalized home exercise program to address any strength or mobility limitations in order to prevent injury and optimize performance on the bike
  • Dynamic assessment of cycling mechanics and form
  • Adjustments to cleat/pedal interface with use of wedges and shims as needed, saddle height, saddle position, stem length, and handlebar position to optimize pedaling efficiency, comfort, and prevent injury

Why receive a clinical bike fitting at The KOR instead of a bike shop?

The clinical bike fitting at The KOR Physical Therapy goes above and beyond what is provided at most bike shops. Bike shops are skilled at setting cyclists up with the appropriate frame size and making adjustments to the bike based on a rider’s height and reach. However, only physical therapists are able to perform a detailed orthopedic evaluation of the cyclist and determine what their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations are. Based on this information, we can then make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the bike accommodates each individual cyclist’s differences.

How much does a clinical bike fitting cost?

Medical insurance will typically cover physical therapy pertaining to a medical diagnosis such as knee tendonitis, neck/shoulder pain, or low back pain. If you are in pain while cycling, then we are usually able to bill your medical insurance for both the treatment of your injury and the assessment/adjustment to your bike fitting.

If you are not currently injured or in pain, or do not have medical insurance, we offer cash pay rates. Our rate is $240 for the entire 80 minute appointment spent fitting the bike to the cyclist.

How do I set up a clinical bike fit?

Call the KOR Tigard front desk at: 503.937.0090


The KOR Hillsboro front desk at: 503.395.3000

Email questions to: jason@thekorpt.com or isaac.cowart@thekorpt.com

Our certified bike fit professionals are:

Jason Whittington, PT, DPT, Advanced Clinical Bike Fit Specialist - KOR Tigard

Isaac Cowart, PT, DPT, Clinical Bike Fit Specialist - KOR Hillsboro

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