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Acupuncture Room The KOR

Offering a Variety of Acupuncture Systems and Techniques to Provide the Best Treatment for Each Client. Please e-mail Kevin at kevin.nakaji@yahoo.com or call 503-750-9266 to schedule an appointment.

Our acupuncture treatments involve a comprehensive consultation to determine key health issues relevant to the symptoms currently present. After a thorough analysis of subjective and objective feedback, including an assessment involving Chinese medical pulse and tongue diagnosis, we utilize a custom blend of acupuncture systems and techniques to provide the best treatment protocol for the individual client. This may include gentle, relaxing sessions for first-time patients, to very aggressive treatments for those who are prepared.

We specialize in relieving clients' pain and dysfunction, especially due to sports trauma, work related injuries, or motor vehicle accidents. Our acupuncturists draw upon their diverse training and backgrounds, such as experience from many sporting activities, training directly in China, and teaching at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine - all of which help to diagnose and treat your issue. We have also successfully treated many other health concerns, including allergies, headaches/migraines, anxiety/depression, digestive/gastrointestinal concerns, colds/flu, and insomnia.

Kevin Nakaji, Acupuncture, The KOR

Meet The KOR's Acupuncturist,

Kevin Nakaji

Kevin Nakaji's acupuncture treatments are as relaxing as Kevin's personality. Many patients leave his acupuncture treatments with a renewed spirit, devoid of the stress that previously plagued them, and feeling confident knowing that the proper repair mechanisms within their bodies are being restored.  His treatments emphasize a modern day approach to an ancient art form, structured to facilitate pain relief and re-balancing of the mind and body as efficiently as possible.

Kevin received his undergraduate degree in Nutrition from Colorado State University and his master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. He has been in practice since 2000 and specializes in treating orthopedic trauma, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, headaches/migraines, stress relief, allergies, and worker’s comp claims.

His interest in acupuncture developed from his training in the martial arts, which he started in 1992. He continues to train Yizong Baguazhang in Portland under his teacher Matt Autrey.

Kevin enjoys spending his free time with his wife watching their children grow up much too quickly.

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