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Mike Stutes, Professional Baseball Pitcher and KOR Client Mike Stutes, Pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies 

"I have worked with Donn Dimond for many years to further my baseball career. In every aspect of physical training, Donn has exceeded my every expectation. He has taken my career to a new level and allowed me opportunities I only dreamed about by enhancing my physical ability and keeping me healthy. Of all the physical therapists and trainers I have ever worked with, Donn is by far the most knowledgeable and effective therapists I have ever trained with."



Ben Wetzler, Oregon Class 6A High School Baseball ChampionBen Wetzler, Oregon Class 6A High School Baseball Champion 

"Never before have I been introduced to such as science of the arm and how other body parts affect your ability to perform or to stay healthy. The knowledge I gained, I will carry with me to wherever I go in the game. To go along with the knowledge I gained, I learned a bunch of workouts that I know will improve my game on the field. I strongly encourage all young pitchers if you want to go to the next level, look into Donn's program."



Chris Archer, Professional Baseball Player and KOR Client

Chris Archer, Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs

"Last off season I was fortunate enough to work with Donn Dimond at his facility in Portland, OR. I noticed a significant increase in shoulder strength, recovery, velocity, and flexibility. I did not miss a start the whole season and I was able to throw over 50 more innings than my previous season with no arm issues. The program is different and more specific than any other shoulder program I have ever been introduced to. I plan on continuing this and any other exercises that Donn recommends. I suggest this program for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. The thing I liked about the program the most was that I didn't miss a day of throwing the whole season. Staying healthy is the name of the game."




Allison Hanna, Professional Golfer

"Donn Dimond has the knowledge and the ability to analyze an athlete's strengths and weaknesses in their body and develop a program for them to achieve peak performance in their sport. I believe he is one of the best in his field in the Pacific Northwest. He is an important part of my team that is helping me become one of the elite professionals in the golf world."


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