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What to Expect

The KOR Physical Therapy, Donn Dimond training with clientOur approach to rehabilitation was modeled around the professional athlete, which allows us to take any athlete at any level and provide them with extraordinary care. Our mission is to “SAVE THE ATHLETE” -- the athlete in all of us.

The KOR's rehabilitation team brings close to 25 years of experience treating the active population and includes Donn Dimond, PT, MPT, OCS, SSRC; Kent Morimatsu, PT, DPT, CMPT; Melissa Cox, PT, DPT; Nick Mong, PT, DPT, ATC; Chloë Murdock, PT, DPT, CSCS; Matthew Weissbach, PT, CSCS; Ellie Meyrowitz PT, DPT; and Melanie Iwakawa, PT, DPT

Regardless of activity level, every patient who walks through our door will receive the following:

Examination and Assessment

 The key to proper rehabilitation is a thorough examination and assessment.

  • Using very specific and objective equipment, we closely measure the patient’s strength and mobility of the affected joint and surrounding structures, along with any other joint that may have a clinical relevance to the injury.

  • Our goal is to be the detective for the patient and address the true cause of their pain, which may not be just the symptom.   

The KOR Physical Therapy, Donn Dimond training with client


  • Based on the deficits noted during the examination, we strengthen the specific muscles that are found to be weak.

  • Once the primary muscles are identified and worked on, we will address the secondary muscles to ensure that the body is able to work together and reach its pain-free potential.


  • Usually, there are significant restrictions within the joints and the surrounding tissues. These tissues need to be mobilized appropriately.

  • Mobilizations paired with exercise have been shown to be more effective for shoulder pain than just exercise or mobilizations performed separately.

Holistic Approach

  • Patients will be given information on restoration and sleep needed for the rehabilitation process.

  • Patients will be given information on proper nutrition needed for the rehabilitation process.

  • Acupuncture and Massage therapy will be recommended as needed.

Home Exercise Program 

  • A rehabilitation program is only as good as the patient’s ability to perform these exercises independently outside of the clinic.
  • Upon graduating from therapy, you will receive an effective home exercise program that you will need to continue independently in order to prevent the injury from returning.

Do you have an injury or condition that you have questions about? Explore our Injuries and Conditions page or call The KOR today to schedule an initial examination.


Joey Mahalic, Professional Baseball Player and KOR Client









Joey Mahalic, Professional Baseball Player and KOR Client

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