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1.Basketball Injuries Can Be Prevented! Find Out How An Effective Warm Up & Injury Prevention Program Can Reduce Your Risk Of A Season-Ending Injury

2. Do You Know the Running Facts?

3. The KOR & The Female Athlete


1. Basketball Injuries Can Be Prevented! Find Out How An Effective   Warm Up and Injury Prevention Programs Can Reduce Your Risk Of A Season-Ending Injury

Want to avoid a season-ending injury? Or better yet, increase your vertical, run faster, and be quicker on defense?

The KOR's basketball specialists can help you and your team with this and more! Our physical therapists, have gone to high school gyms to teach teams and coaches dynamic warm ups, which include stretching, core activation, balance training, and agility. They have also instructed players in basketball-specific exercises that can be done a few times per week to prevent injuries like an ankle sprain, ACL tear, or a pulled muscle.

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Contact our specialists today by sending an email to basketball@thekorpt.com


2. Do You Know the Running Facts?

- According to the American Heart Association, you can prevent cardiovascular disease by running for a total of 75 minutes a week.

- 65% of runners will be injured in any year

-Novice runners are more likely to be injured than experienced runners - Over 1 billion running shoes are sold worldwide each year.

Ready to get your run on and keep it on?

KOR Run clubs are up and running!  Pun intended! KOR Tigard and KOR Beaverton host traditional run clubs Monday evenings at 6PM.  KOR Hillsboro provides a strength and mobility class for runners on Wednesday evenings at 6PM.  Not sure if you have good form?  Just looking for people to run with? Want to get stronger to prevent running injuries?  Come on down and check us out!


3. The KOR & The Female Athlete

Female athletes and women in general are different and should be treated accordingly.  We're excited to announce that we have two female therapists specifically trained to address these concerns.  If you're currently experiencing any of these issues, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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