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Preventing Basketball Injuries

Basketball is one of the most popular sports among children and young adults. With the increased interest of competitive basketball, a rise in year-round leagues has grown throughout the country. This increase has caused basketball to explode to the FOURTH LEADING CAUSE of injury in community team sports. It is reported that more than 200,000 basketball-related injuries occur in young people each year, requiring in-hospital emergency departments.


The best way to combat the high number of injuries is not to fix the problem after it has occurred, but to prevent them from happening in the first place. While basketball is a highly physical contact sport, it is actually estimated that 70% of knee and ankle injuries occurring are non-contact in nature. This means that many injuries are very much preventable. Proper strength, flexibility, coordination, and movement patterns have been shown to reduce injury rates for athletes compared to athletes who have not been prepared, pre-season.


Our KOR basketball specialists have developed a sport-specific screen to help determine an athlete’s risk for injury.  Sign up for a basketball screen today and let our basketball specialists show you how you can play pain-free.


Other tips to avoid injury:

  • Hydrate adequately throughout the day and during sporting activities. 
  • Pay attention to environmental conditions in relation to excessively hot and humid weather to help avoid heat illnesses.
  • After a period of inactivity, progress gradually back to full-contact basketball through activities such as aerobic conditioning, strength training, and agility training.
  • Avoid overuse injuries; more is not always better! It is beneficial to give the body rest throughout the season and during off-seasons in order to allow proper tissue adaptation.
  • Listen to your body and do not ignore PAIN!  Pain is usually an indicator that a bigger problem has already occurred.
  • Injured athletes should return to play only when clearance is granted by a health care professional.
If you have any questions regarding the KOR's sport specific screens, or if you'd like to sign up for an evaluation with one of our basketball specialists, please e-mail basketball@thekorpt.com or call our patient care coordinators at 503.937.0090. 
KOR Hillsboro's Newest PT

Jon Lee, PT, DPT, COMT 

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KOR Running Program

The KOR’s running specialists are getting out into the community this spring and summer!  While our clinics are no longer providing Monday evening run clubs, they are inviting runners of all skill levels to join them at various running events around the Greater Portland Area.  Our Hillsboro location will be offering Wednesday evening strength training classes specifically for runners, weekly at 6 p.m.  Physical therapists and running specialists Kristen “Koop” Kupras, Elicia Hickey, and Kathleen Hansen are excited to announce they will be joining a variety of local running crews, and invite you to join in on the run fun!

Runs include the Fleet Feets Monday night run, Foot Traffic’s Cornell Road Monday run, Nike’s We Run PDX on Wednesday, Portland Running Company’s Thirsty Thursday Run, and the Tualatin Road Runner’s monthly Discover run. 

Interested in joining us?  E-mail run@thekorpt.com for more information on dates, times, and sign up requirements.  We look forward to seeing you!

Boost Your Pedaling Efficiency 

Last month we introduced you to the first part of our cycling mobility series, focusing mainly on the effect posture has on cycling efficiency.  In this second part of our series, we focus on the foot-to-pedal interface and how it can directly influence both pedal stroke and lower limb efficiency. 

While some may recognize the difference that a clipless pedal system can have on power output, the importance of appropriate cleat placement is not as widely recognized. 

When a well-trained physical therapist performs your bike fit they can evaluate a number of factors which contribute to your optimal cleat position.  This will include your stance width, toe out/in stance, arch integrity, and forefoot varus.  More often than not, our cycling specialists see clients presenting to the clinic saying, "I just tried to put my cleats straight on my shoes," or "someone else put them on for me in this position”.  And here is what we find...

If you are routinely cycling with a clipless pedal system in an alignment that does not match your individual body, you may be at risk of developing tendinopathies or other overuse conditions common to cycling.  Considering a casually paced 50 mile ride can result in over 15,000 pedal strokes, we better make sure to get your position right!

When you receive a bike fit from one of the KOR's Clinical Bike Fit Specialists, we utilize a variety of methods to get your cleat and pedal interface dialed in just for you.  One tool you will encounter in our treatment measures the angle of your forefoot and supports the use of cleat wedging to maximize your up and down pedal stroke efficiency.  Here we see the effects on the knee with an unaccommodated forefoot varus (which most humans exhibit). 

When indicated, your therapist will utilize the shoe or under the cleat wedges to improve lower limb alignment and allow for greater force transfer directly to the drive train.  Not only can this result in greater power, but it can also contribute to a reduction of injury risk and pain. 

Come to the KOR physical therapy today to evaluate your bike fit, skeletal structure, and general mobility for cycling. 

Jason Whittington, PT, DPT is an avid cyclist and physical therapist at the KOR Tigard location. He has been performing bike fits since 2011 and is an Advanced Clinical Bike Fitter through BikeFit LLC. If you are interested in scheduling a bike fit or a bike fit with mobility/strength package please contact the KOR at 503-937-0090 or e-mail jason@thekorpt.com for details.

Isaac Cowart, PT, DPT performes bike fits at the KOR Hillsboro location.  He too is a Clinical Bike Fitter through BikeFit LLC.  Sign up for your professional bike fitting at KOR Hillsboro today!  Call our patient care coordinators at 503.395.3000 or e-mail Isaac.cowart@thekorpt.com for more information.

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